Clinic Sponsors

 Clinic sponsors include businesses, civic and private organizations dedicated to making an impact on providing access to healthcare for our community.  Funds are used for general operational expenses such as, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, office supplies, patient education and electronic medical records.  If you or your company or organization are interested in partnering with us, please feel free to contact
Sara Davy at

Jessica Ham

Jessica Ham was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.  In March 2012, Jessica was named the Clinical Director of Health & Hope Clinic.  She has been a family nurse practitioner since 2006 and a nurse since 1998.  She has been married 10 years to Phillip, who spent 8 years in the military as an active-duty air force physician.  Jessica and Phillip relocated to Pensacola in August 2011.  They have two children and are active members at Hillcrest Baptist Church.